Small BBQ Grillin' Gift Basket

GB 179  Small BBQ Grillin' Gift Basket  $59.95 each

 12 oz. Ole Time BBQ Sauce,   2 oz. Tis Tasty's Toasted Grillin' Spices,
 2.4 Grilled Spice Rub for Vadilia Onions & Veggies,  2.3 oz. BBQ Dry Rub,
 5 oz. Raspberry Chipotle Pretzel Mustard Dip, 2 2 oz. packages 5 Whole
 Grain Pretzel Sticks,  5 oz. Hot Spicy Beer Mustard Dip for Pretzels
and Sausages,  1.4 oz. Sesame Cheese Dip (2 batches),
Pot Holder, BBQ Mitt, set of 2 Whipettes, BBQ Brush, 1.6 oz. (4 batches)
Grandma's Best Dip & Salad Seasoning Mix,  excellent on baked
potatoes, egg salad, or with sour cream,
  1.5 oz. (2 batches) Fiesta Dip Mix all in a
 lovely wicker basket.
Shipping Weight   7#