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Grandma enjoys eating homemade pickled mushrooms.

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Mustard Lovers Gift Basket
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GB 112 Mustard Lover's Basket
A Nice Compliment To any Gathering - This Basket Has Five Of 'Tis Tasty's Stone Ground And Honey Mustards (Basil Garlic Burgundy, Zesty Honey Onion,
Hot Sweet, Jalapeno Onion, Dilled); Sixes River Honey, Myrtlewood Condiment Jar and Spoon, Smoked Cheese, Gourmet Coffee, Beef
Stick, Pine Nuts, Rogue Trail Mix.
Shipping Weight 9#
$65.95 each

More Gift Baskets

Our finished mushroom products

Pickled Mushrooms
These four flavors are pickled and hand packed whole. An excellent all natural appetizer, in a drink or to spice
up your salad.

Mushrooms ready to be pickled. 802 Dilled Pickled Mushrooms -
These are whole and flavored
with garlic and lots of dill.

11 oz. jar $5.00 each

803 Zesty Pickled Mushrooms
We have added hot chili peppers with the garlic in
these pickled delights. Anything we produce that
says "Zesty" is
11 oz. jar $5.00 each

804 Hot Pickled Mushrooms -
Now these mushrooms are HOT!!!
11 oz. jar $5.00 each

Our popular dipping oils and sauce now in a gift pack just for you!!
This wooden crate has Roasted Garlic Dipping Oil, Italiano Dipping Oil, Mild Wasabi Dipping Sauce and 2 glass dipping bowls
$35.95 7#

Checks or Money Orders

Fruit Chutney
A fruit relish with lots of onions,
raisins and spices added, intertwining
the tastes of sweet, sour and spicy.
Use on meat and fish, also mix with
bland veggies. Wonderful on plain
toast or French toast in the morning
and a MUST on bagels !!!.
Very English!

Preparing mangos, onions and
jalapeno peppers for Mango Chutney

704 Mango Chutney
Chunky, spicy and thick with a medium

hot twang. Excellent marinade, add
to any vinaigrette or serve with any meat.

11 oz. jar $5.00 each

705 Cranberry Chutney

Made with local cranberries, apricots
and almonds. A real delight!

11 oz. jar $5.00 each

Homemade Fruit Glazes

Fruit Glazes
These are specialty products for
barbecues, roasts, or marinades.

1303 Gingered Plum Glaze lots
of ginger, use as a sauce with Chinese
dishes or on pork and ham.
6 oz. jar $5.00 each

Specialty Condiments

Dipping Oil and
Dipping Sauce

1450 Roasted Garlic & Basil
Dipping Oil -
Dipping Oil has a
roasted flavor that is very pleasing.
Dip your favorite breads, sliced
tomatoes, or with any vegetable,
add to salad dressings and enjoy!
8.5 oz. bottle $5.00 each

1452 Italiano Dipping Oil -

This is a spicy must have for every
kitchen! Marinate & baste fresh
poultry or fish while grilling. Drizzle
over freshly steamed vegetables. Marinate
hearty steak prior to
grilling or sauté with mushrooms.
you won't regret it! Very delicious.
Pour over Cream Cheese and serve
with crackers for a quick and easy appetizer.
8.5 oz. bottle $5.00 each

1308 Mild Wasabi Dipping Sauce -
We sample this one out
at the Farmer's Markets with
Jalapeno, Cheddar Cheese
bread and it is delicious!!
8 oz. jar $5.00 each

1313 Cranberry Jalapeno
Dipping Sauce

This sauce is sweet and tart at
the same time with a nip of the jalapeno

8 oz. jar $5.00 each

Three of our honey mustards.

Honey Mustards
Made with our very own flavored vinegars, herbs, and local raw honey. We use at least one of these delicious mustards with almost every meal. There is a flavor listed here to please most everyone!

1207 Zesty Honey Onion
This has a "bite" with
raw honey and onion.
4 oz jar $3.95 each

1210 Extra Hot Horseradish -
Gives anything and everything a
4 oz. jar $3.95 each

1211 Sweet Honey Mustard -
This is sweet and mild!
4 oz. jar $3.95 each

Pineapple and chili powder make a great combination 1213 Pineapple Chili Mustard -
Pineapple Sweet with a mild hotness
4 oz. jar $3.95 each

1214 Hot Sweet Mustard -Hot but
does not burn
with mixed hot peppers. One of
the favorites!
4 oz. jar $3.95 each

1215 Horseradish Mustard -

For the ones that like Hot Horseradish
and the tangy flavor of lemon. It's great!!
4 oz. jar $3.95 each

Some of our stone ground mustards Stone Ground Mustards
Made with our very own flavored
vinegars, herbs, and local
raw honey. We use at least one of
these delicious mustards with almost
every meal. There is a flavor listed
here to please most everyone!!

Dilled Stone Ground Mustard. With dill from my garden - excellent on hamburgers and hotdogs.
4 oz. jar $3.95 each

Hot Peppers for our homemade stone ground mustard. A favorite. 1202 Hot Pepper Stone Ground Mustard. in a
meat marinade or on sandwiches.
4 oz. jar $3.95 each

Basil, and garlic give this stone ground mustard a real zip! 1203 Basil, Garlic, Burgundy Stone Ground Mustard - Different, Delicate and delicious.
4 oz jar $3.95 each

1204 Tarragon, Green Peppercorn Stone Ground Mustard
Unusual! A must for corned beef!
4 oz. jar $3.95 each

1216 Jalapeno Stone Ground Mustard - Excellent with all sandwich spreads and all meat dishes.
4 oz. jar $3.95 each

1205 Cranberry Stone Ground Mustard - A fruity cranberry flavor
as we use fresh cranberries.
4 oz. jar $3.95 each

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